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Majesty of the Seas Review

I'm going to start this review by complaining about the change of itinerary. No fault to Royal Caribbean but booking a cruise specifically because you want to go to Cuba and then having that taken away was cause of great stress. My choice of this ship wasn't because I was interested in the ship it was because of the port of call. Majesty of the Seas is 27 years old - that is ancient in cruise ages but this mighty ship impressed me very much. I have a motto that once I've paid my money, I will have a good time no matter what. THAT'S exactly what happened on this cruise.

Cabin: Our cabin was small and with the four of us, we had to be creative with packing. Everyone was contained to a backpack and carry on except my husband who had a huge duffel bag. Everyone had packing cubes for their clothes and everyone was limited to three shoes (even the hubby stuck to this to my surprise). To my surprise there was plenty of storage. All our luggage were emptied out and stored under the bed. I typically would not put my clothes directly in the drawers but because we were using storage cubes, I didn't mind because everything stayed contained. As you can see, there are two ways to configure the beds depending on how you are traveling with. Ship: The ship of itself doesn't look its age. They've done a great job updating it and keeping it tact. You can see some wear and tear in places like showers and bathrooms but overall it's in great shape. It's not a big ship, the size was actually perfect because you ran into the same people and I was able to have conversations with some lovely people. My son came home with a pen pal (more like internet friends in this technological world). Entertainment: I was pleasantly surprised about how much entertainment was offered. The entertainment team always had some type of dancing/trivia/competition situation happening. They are young and are engaging with the guests even when you see them out of duty. The nightly shows had some awesome singers and they blew me away with the performance. Our cruise director "Tornado" Tonya from Manchester was hilarious. Like I said, I always have fun and we did.

Adventure Ocean: The best part of traveling with kids and for me to call it a real vacation is when I have the opportunity to send to away for couple of hours (don't judge me). Adventure Ocean did not disappoint. The kids were begging to go after dinner and any other opportunity that we gave them. I was able to go to the spa (of course), the Hubster was able to get a spa treatment and we partied to almost midnight on a separate night. The kids were worn out and we were grateful. Food: As many of you have seen from my posts on Facebook, the food looked and tasted good. There was only one dish I didn't like and since you are on a cruise, you can easily order something else. Matter of fact, you can order every dish (OK, maybe not every dish), but you can order two of everything if you want to try them. Don't be wasteful though, be considerate and eat what you order. The best part is, there is no kids meals posted so the kids are forced to try different dishes. This might come back to hunt us later because my song took a liking to steaks. Dislikes: I shouldn't have this as plural because there was really only one thing that got on my nerves. There are only two pool options on board and the deep one was emptied on the first day. The one that most kids would want to hang out was hugged by drinking adults. My daughter kept saying that the sign says no food or drink in the pool yet all these adults are seating there drinking. RCCL should try to have kids swim time when there are no adult only areas. Would I sail on this particular ship again, definitely but there are some newer ones on my list first. Let's chat about which sailing/ship you would like to cruise on next.


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